Cast Member Registration

Congratulations on being selected as a cast member for Peter Pan Junior Theater.

In order to be eligible to perform, each Cast Member MUST complete this online registration form by TUESDAY OCT 1 at 9pm.  This form will no longer be available after that time.

Thank you!

Peter Pan Junior Theater Production Team

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During production, we will need to contact you regularly with schedule updates and important announcements..

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Each cast member will have a short biography under their program picture.  Please submit a bio using the following format.  (Please see example.)

Name, (Character name) Grade, School, year in PPJT, likes: list two or three, goal: list one

"Sue (Millie) 7th SVMS, 3rd yr PPJT, likes horseback riding, swimming, goal: teacher"

Permission & Agreement
Medical Release
Photo Release
Actors/Parents Contract
  • Each cast member is issued one script that is theirs to keep - Replacement scripts can be purchased for $5.00.
  • Producing shows at Peter Pan Junior Theater require a lot of support and energy from everyone. Parents are expected to participate by volunteering on two committees.
  • All fees must be paid on time.
  • Cast members must be picked up on time after each rehearsal and performance. Please plan on arriving five minutes early.
  • Rehearsals are closed - directors and production team members only in rehearsal area.
  • Please communicate well in advance with the production manager if a rehearsal must be missed.
  • The production manager, Kristin Long, can be contacted via email at
  • All communication should be directed to the production team, not Dr. Arapostathis.